Start to finish ground work services for the sports and property sectors

About Us

Launched in the UK in 2023 to capitalise on partnerships with Padel Plus and Jubo International, the company has more than 20 years of previous concrete experience with hundreds of satisfied customers in the USA. We have specialised in large scale residential foundations in California where earthquake readiness is a standard requirement.

We take pride in every project and believe that quality workmanship using the best materials supported by exceptional customer service will ensure long-term relationships and repeat business.

Padel & Court Sports

We have found like-minded entrepreneurs at Padel Plus and Jubo International with whom we are working to bring market-leading padel solutions to the UK and Spain.

We combine our knowledge and project management experience with a team of skilled concrete and ground works contractors who can work across the UK. Atlas Concrete is also building a team to serve Spain from a base in Valencia.

We are members of SAPCA, the Sports and Play Construction Association. Atlas Concrete can carry out all the supporting landscaping and ground works tasks beyond the court slab/foundations, including building car parks.

Contact Us

Call us today to bring our project management and concrete construction experience to your next project. We will be happy to work beyond the sports market on commercial, large scale residential and municipal contracts.

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